• Mods & Specs
  • 11.62 @ 119mph - November 2004
'89 2.2L Turbo II "Common Block" JE +1mm Pistons, Stock '89 T2 Crank & Rods
  Mopar Performance "006" Head Gasket
  Mopar Performance High Volume Oil Pump
  ARP Head Studs
  Bad Ass Performance Modified Stock T2 Oil Pan With Turbo Oil Return Pipe
  Forward Motion Aluminum Underdrive Pulley - Outer Belt Groove Removed
  Bad Ass Performance Solid Front Motor Mount
  '89 T2 Valve Cover - Powdercoated
'87 A555 Transaxle - 3.85:1 FDR - Stock
  Bad Ass Performance Adjustable Rigid Trans Mount
  '89 Shelby Daytona Shifter - Stock
  ACT Prototype Clutch - 6 Puck Solid Hub Disk
  '87 Turbo II Flywheel - Stock
  Mopar Flywheel Bolts - Stock
  Saginaw OEM Equal Length Axles - Stock
  Mopar Performance long wheel studs
Mopar Performance IMSA "Big Valve" (44mm/36.8mm) Head with extra porting and Forward Motion FM475 Cam, Forward Motion Race Valve Springs and MP Sintered Iron Rockers
  Forward Motion Fidanza Adjustable Aluminum Cam Sprocket
  Goodyear Gatorback Round Tooth Timing Belt
Tim Kish Ported 2-Piece Intake Manifold - Runner Bumps Welded - Powdercoated
Tim Kish Phenolic 2-Piece Manifold Spacer
  52mm Throttle Body - Knife edged throttle blade - Coated & AIS Blocked Off
Spearco 1080 CFM Intercooler - Front Mount
  3" Inlet (850cfm) K&N Cone Filter from Lorenz Racing
  Bad Ass Performance Aluminum IC Pipes
  HKS Blow Off Valve on Bad Ass Performance IC Aluminum Pipe
Bad Ass Performance Spec - Turbonetics T03/04 Hybrid (.63 A/R Stage 3 / 60-1 HiFi in T04B housing)
  Bad Ass Performance (Grainger style) Boost Controller

Turbonetics Large Can Adjustable Wastegate Actuator

Bad Ass Performance Wastegate Actuator Bracket
Turbos Unleashed 3" Swing Valve Housing & Small Head Bolt Kit

Bad Ass Performance Equal Length Tubular Header (Jet-Hot Coated)


Bad Ass Performance 3" Down Pipe (Thermal Wrapped)


3" Dynomax Race Magnum Bullet Muffler (stock location) 3" Mandrel Bent 304 Stainless Exhaust Pipe



Kinsler Fuel Rail with Forward Motion 72pph Injectors
Aeromotive A1000 Fuel Pump & Dual Filters
SX Adjustable Fuel Pressure Regulator
Summit Racing 5 Gallon Fuel Cell
  Aeroquip AN-10 Fuel Line
Forward Motion FAST EFI ECU
Forward Motion FAST Wide Band O2
  Forward Motion FAST Distributor
  Mopar Performance Voltage Regulator
MSD 7-AL2 Box
  MSD High Voltage Coil
  MSD RPM Module
  Magnecor KV100 10mm Race Ignition Wires
Autometer Pro Comp 2 9000rpm Dual Range Tach With 2-Stage Adjustable Shift Light and Low Oil Pressure Light
Autometer Sport Comp 30psi Boost / 30inHg Vacuum Guage
Autometer Sport Comp 100 psi Fuel Pressure Gauge
Autometer Sport Comp 100 psi Oil Pressure Gauge
Autometer Sport Comp 280F Oil Temp Gauge
Autometer Sport Comp 240F Water Temp Gauge
KYB Front Struts & MP Road Race Springs
Gabriel Air Shocks & MP Road Race Springs
  LCA's rebuilt with TRW Ball Joints & Energy Suspension Urethane Bushings
  Bad Ass Performance Air Dam
Bogart Drag-On-Fly Star - 15x8 Front Wheels
Bogart Drag-On-Fly Star - 15x 3.5 Rear Wheels
  M&H Racemaster 24.5" x 8.5" Slicks
  Moroso DS-2 - 25" x 5" Skinnies
Biondo Line Locks - One For Each Rear Caliper
Fluidyne Prototype Aluminum Radiator
PermaCool 2100cfm Radiator Fan With Custom Bad Ass Performance Aluminum Fan Shroud
Summit Racing Overflow Bottle
Secondary Remote Turbo Oil Filter (Fram PH5)
  Manual Steering Rack
  Removed A/C components under the hood - factory 'non-A/C' alternator bracket used
  Removed HVAC Box And Radio Dash Center
  Replaced Center Console With Custom Bad Ass Performance Aluminum Center Console
  4-Spoke Steering Wheel (Brand Unknown)
  Bad Ass Performance Aluminum Hood Latch Mount
  Removed Rear Seat & Seat Belts
  Removed Sound Deadener Behind Interior Panels
  Removed Spare Tire & Jack
Castrol GTX 10w40 Oil
Fram PH3614 Oil Filter
Redline MTL Transaxle Oil
Prestone Anti-Freeze / Coolant Mixed 50/50 with Water
Redline Water Wetter
Permatex Head Gasket in a Can


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