1987 Shelby Z Suspension/Steering Buildup
A Shelby Z with 100,000 miles on the original suspension components corners a little less than crisp... With this being a street/strip project car, the decision was made in Spring 2000 to use give the car a mild street suspension buildup to stiffen it up, lower it 1", remove the power rack, and replace worn components. The following parts were used:
Mopar Perf Road Race Springs
KYB Front Struts
Energy Suspension PU LCA Bushings
Gabriel Rear Air Shocks
'88 Aries Manual Rack
TRW Tie Rods & Ends
TRW Ball Joints
New Wheel Bearings
Mopar Perf Wheel Studs


Jacked up
Jacked up
Old Strut
Old Front
Old Rear
Dirty K-Member
Clean K-Member
Rebuilt Front
New Front
New Rear
New Driver Side
New Pass Side
New Rear
Air Shock
Wheel Bearings
Manual Rack
Long Wheel Studs



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