SDAC-Chicagoland's Project New Yorker

2001 (Genesis)

Thanks to all of the members of TEAM SDAC-Chicagoland who have contributed time, energy, parts, storage, transportation, etc to make it all happen! Special thanks noted below where appropriate

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Circa August, 2001, the 1987 Chrysler New Yorker was donated to the club by our friend Tom King who's parents bought it new. After 15 faithful years and 145,000 miles as a family truckster and getting Tom through High School, it was on its way to the salvage yard... Well, that obviously didn't happen, and this page pics up the story from when we got it.

Project New Yorker Starts - September 2001

Special Thanks to Dave Tekampe for hosting our Teardown/Conversion & Meeting!

PICTURES!!! (click to enlarge)
Before the madness...
Hubcaps, exhaust, rear bumper removed
Corintian Leather!
Getting Started at Dave's
Tearin' into it!
More diggin...
Check out the Spoiler! -Azian Rage!


First trip to the track- September 11, 2001

Special Thanks to Dave Tekampe for trailering the car out!

VIDEOS!!! (click to download)
Weight = HP ny-lift.AVI (734kb)
This car talks! ny-talk.AVI (334kb)
First Burnout ny-burnout.AVI (985kb)
First Pass - stock boost ny-1544.AVI (1.8Mb)
PICTURES!!! (click to enlarge)
In the staging lanes at Da Grove
Performance Paint and Air-Grabber
Kustom Ram-Air on stock 2.2L (log intake) motor
A boost guage and data aquisition
This car talks too!
Professional HP diet
Scared that the parking brake might stick = Top Fuel Burnouts
Look at her launch for the first time!
Off the trailer it went 15.44 on stock boost and spinning hard...
Just to pick on those Imports...
Yes, you read it correctly... "TURD"


2001 I/D Drag Wars!!!

Special Thanks to Dave Tekampe for trailering the car out again!

VIDEOS!!! (click to download)
Burnout ny_burnout.AVI (985kb)
Heads up with Dakota ny-vs-dakota.AVI (2.0Mb)
Bad Ass Top Fuel Burnout! ny_smokeyburnout.AVI (998kb)
I think it was a Honda? ny_beats_honda.AVI (1.9Mb)
Uphill Burnout ny_burnout2.AVI (655kb)
See Ya! Yello Civic ny_beats_yellow-civic.AVI (1.91Mb)
Abother Uphill Burnout ny_burnout3.AVI (539kb)
Baby blue POS never had a chance! ny_beats_blue-civic.AVI (2.03Mb)
Do Civics come in fast colors? ny_beats_red-civic.AVI (2.1Mb)
Burnout before the 14.05 pass ny-1405burnout.AVI (824kb)
14.05 @ 89mph breaking up high end ny-1405.AVI (1.55Mb)
PICTURES!!! (click to enlarge)
Now with a fresh Head gasket, and Loaner polished Valve Cover!
In the Pits at The I/D Drag Wars!


New Yorker Goes 13's!!!

Special Thanks to Dave Tekampe for trailering the car out again and again!

VIDEOS!!! (click to download)
Programming the New Yorker ny_programming.wmv (281kb)
Right off the trailer the NY'er ran its first 13 second pass ny_1384_burnout.wmv (207kb)
ny_1384_incar_burnout.wmv (264kb)
ny_1384.wmv (336kb)
ny_1384_incar.wmv (356kb)
The 2nd pass backed up the 1st ny_1394_incar_burnout.wmv (200kb)
ny_1394.wmv (316kb)
ny_1394_incar.wmv (327kb)
Slowing down a little... ny_1415_incar_burnout.wmv (230kb)
ny_1415.wmv (344kb)
ny_1415_incar.wmv (336kb)
Speeding back up... ny_1408_burnout.wmv (198kb)
ny_1408.wmv (322kb)

BooYaaa! 13.77 baby!

Watch the record setting run!

ny_1377_burnout.wmv (160kb)
ny_1377_incar_burnout.wmv (176kb)
ny_1377.wmv (362kb)
ny_1377_incar.wmv (390kb)
Check out Evan's data logging technique! ny_1398_burnout.wmv (224kb)
ny_1398_incar_burnout.wmv (200kb)
ny_1398.wmv (356kb)
ny_1398_incar_programming.wmv (342kb)
14.00's are easy to get... all day long... ny_1406_incar_burnout.wmv (165kb)
ny_1406.wmv (401kb)
ny_1406_incar.wmv (371kb)
With a little practice, 13's are easy too! ny_1381_burnout.wmv (167kb)
ny_1381.wmv (373kb)
 PICTURES!!! (click to enlarge) 

Looking for something to do in the off season, we thought up

a bunch of crazy paint Schemes, but decided to keep it the same

Summary of runs from 2001:

Special Thanks to Dave Tekampe for trailering the car everywhere, and for storing it!

Special Thanks to Gerry "Chryguy" Bertram for providing covered storage for the winter of 2001-2002!

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