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Top 10 Quotes
"....if you got turbo lag, you ain't drivin' it right!!!" -Carroll Shelby
"If I had to sit in a Nascar for 4 hours, I'd fall asleep" -John Force
"Keep it 'tween the ditches and shinny side up! Yee Haw!" - Bo Duke
"It ain't bragging mother f*cker, if you back it up!" - Kid Rock

"Two trailer park girls go round the outside, round the outside" - Eminem

"I know why you wanna hate me" - Fred Durst
Turbo dodges are like matchbox cars, trade them or sell them for cheap -Ian Macdonald
Top 10 Things Import Fans Waste Money On
Their POS Import Car
Clear tail lights
Fake blow-off valve noise makers
Light-up windsheild squirters
Huge F1 style wings
Coffee can size exhaust tips
Fake plastic front mount intercoolers
Fart sound exhaust kits
Glowing guages
Colored marker lights
Top 10 Racing/Car Chase/Gearhead Movies
Two Lane Blacktop Gran Prix
Le Mans Bullit
Vanashing Point (1971) The Wraith
Vanashing Point (1987) Smokey and the Bandit (trilogy)
Dirty Mary Crazy Larry Christine
Days of Thunder Gone in 60 Seconds - Original
Canonball Run I & II Gone in 60 Seconds - 2000 Remake
Top 10 Racing/Car Chase/Gearhead Songs
Jesus Built My Hotrod -Ministry Hot Rod Lincoln -Junior Brown
Kickstart my Heart -Motley Crue Eastbound (Smokey and the Bandit Theme) -Jerry Reed a.k.a. Snowman
Dukes of Hazzard Theme -Waylon Jennings Put 'em on the Glass -Sir Mix-a-Lot
Mustang Sally -Wilson Pickett Little Old Lady From Pasedina - Jan & Dean
Slick Black Cadillac -Quiet Riot Automobile -Easy E (NWA)
Top 10 Women Driver Incidents
Top 10 Sandwiches in Chicagoland area
Buffalo Chicken -911 double dipped with bleu cheese -Hooters Italian beef with mozzarella over hot giardinera -Village Pub (Des Plaines)
Steak burrito, hold the lettuce and tomato, add onion, cilantro, sour cream, hot sauce, and hot peppers -El Famous Burrito Italian "House Specialty" Grinder -Mancinos
Chicago Style Hot Dog -Portillo's  

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