SDAC-Chicagoland's Project New Yorker

2002 (First Tour)

Thanks to all of the members of TEAM SDAC-Chicagoland who have contributed time, energy, parts, storage, transportation, etc to make it all happen! Special thanks noted below where appropriate

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In the fist full year of having the New Yorker, the goal was to get the car out to as many events as possible to spread the word of the SDAC-Chicagoland Late Model Mopar Club! ...and we did.

May 2002 CMC/Koller MoPower Madness Show!

Special Thanks to Jason Trotter for trailering and entering the car in the show!


June SDAC-12 - Memphis, TN

Special Thanks to Dave Tekampe & Chris Chisanti for trailering the car down!


August 2002 Mopar Nationals - Columbus, OH

Special Thanks to Alex Macevicius for trailering and entering the car!


September 2002 Thrash / Cookout / Meeting

Special Thanks to Gerry "Chryguy" Bertram for hosting our Thrash & Meeting!



Special Thanks to Gerry "Chryguy" Bertram for providing covered storage for the winter of 2002-2003!

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