SDAC-Chicagoland's Project New Yorker

September 2002 Thashing / Cookout

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The project begins!


Special Thanks to Gerry (Chryguy) our host!


the broke motor... 150k miles, 70+ hard drag runs


#3 slug has some issues


Engine comes out...


Child labor makes this possible


engine removed...


Tommy, Dave, and others strip old short block


Tommy continues to take parts off as little Tommy looks on!


Can you say "Boat Anchor"?


Not just melted, made a hole too!


Gerry cooks up lunch!


Dave's T2 short block loaner motor


Little Tommy is almost as tall as the motor!


starting the freshening of the motor


Tommy cleans the pickup tube


Dave champions the ovehaul


laying out the gaskets / bolts / etc


How many different tubes of RTV can we use?


Short block done


Ian trying to get the head ready with foreplay




Dave bolts the Valve Cover on


More bolts to tighten


Mark puts the distributor in


Union Break!


Ian gets a chain ready


Strapping it on


Easy does it...


A little to the left...


ease it down in...


Oooops, that motor mount was always upside down!


Bam! its in there!


Union Break!


Dave was seeing spots for a while after...


Gerry customizes a crank pulley


Someone else customized the alternator adjuster


True Turbo II means intercooled!


Another look at the hole...


This Deer was looking for an IMPORT to Piss on! ...not here Pal!


almost done...


fan replacement


People who know use...


JT hooks up the Logic Module


Dave sets the timing


and its done, test drive anyone?


Thanks to Gerry for hosting this New Yorker Thrashing, Dave for acting as crew cheif, Josh for taking all these pictures, and everyone else who helped out!


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